Division of Behaviour Analysis Consultation Part 2

The Division of Behaviour Analysis (DBA) is carrying out a consultation process with those working in behaviour analytic roles in the Republic of Ireland.  

Thanks to all those who participated in Part 1.  Part 2 is now live and we are seeking responses from all those working in behaviour analytic roles in the Republic of Ireland. Please consider taking part and sharing widely. 

This consultative process will inform the DBA’s position on professional behaviour analytic work. 
The consultation began with a series of focus groups which were held regionally in January. This is the second part of the consultation and in this part, we are inviting all those with responsibility for designing, consulting on or supervising behaviour change procedures to complete the survey please follow the attached link: https://nuig-psychology.ie/index.php/315436?lang=en

Frequently cited papers on ethics

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On Tuesday the 5th March at 7pm the MBAF will host an online journal club. Participating attendees will earn one type two CEU.

Participants will be required to prepare in advance of the event by reading two of the five journal articles listed below. During the event, participants will be asked to give a brief presentation and answer questions on their selected articles. The event will be facilitated by Alan Tennyson BCBA. If you have any difficulties finding the selected articles, please get in touch and we can help.

A link to the online meeting room will be sent to registered participants.

Number of Type 2 CEU’s: 1

Attendance Procedure: A maximum of 8 participants will attend. Priority will be given to members of the forum and assigned on a first come, first serve. Sign in and Sign out with active participant responding and a feedback questionnaire.

Total Event Fee per participant:  €5 to MBAF members, €15 to nonmembers.

Event is designed for: BCBA-D, BCBAs & BCaBAs

Event Level: Intermediate / advanced

Learning Objectives for participants:

  1. Participants will read 2 of 5 selected journal articles published in Behavioural Intervention or ABAI addressing ethical behaviour.
  2. Participants will present their selected articles.
  3. Participants will be asked to provide a critical appraisal (identifying any methodological or conceptual limitations) of their selected articles.
  4. Participants will be required to identify the principal ethical position adopted by the author and discuss if this is congruent with the BACB Guidelines for responsible conduct for behaviour analysts
  5. We recommend that participants review the https://www.bacb.com/wp-content/uploads/BACB-Compliance-Code-english_181218.pdf prior to attending

Articles were selected based on year of publication and number of citations.


Pastrana, SJ., Frewing, T., Grow, L., Nosik, M., Turner, M. & Carr, J. (2016)
Frequently Assigned Readings in Behavior Analysis Graduate Training Programs. Behav Analysis Practice (2018) 11:267–273

Fong, EH. & Tanaka, S. (2016) Multicultural Alliance of Behavior Analysis Standards for Cultural Competence in Behavior Analysis.  International Journal of Behavioural Consultation and Therapy 2013 Vol. 8 N.2

Newman, B.,  Reinecke, DR. & Kurtz, A. (1996) Why Be Moral: Humanist and Behavioral Perspectives. The Behaviour Analyst  19, 273-280

Schreck, KS,  Karunaratne, Y., Zane, T. and Wilford, H. (2016) Behaviour analysts use of and beliefs in treatment for people with Autism: A 5-year follow-up. Behavioral Interventions  31: 355–376

Schreck, KS, & Miller, V. How to behave ethically in a world of fads. Behavioral Interventions 25: 307–324 (2010)

A consultation process for those working in behaviour analytic roles in the Republic of Ireland

research callThe Psychological Society of Ireland’s Division of Behaviour Analysis (DBA) aims to promote the development of Behaviour Analysis as a professional field of psychological activity. As part of this remit, DBA are inviting behaviour-analytic practitioners to take part in consultations that will shape DBA’s position in seeking professional recognition and a protected title for behaviour-analytic practitioners in the Republic of Ireland.

Are you currently employed in a role requiring you to have training in Applied Behaviour Analysis? Does your day-to-day work involve designing, consulting on or supervising behaviour change procedures? If so, DBA would like to invite you to take part in our research with colleagues in similar positions.

The DBA seeks to canvas the views of relevant practitioners regarding:

· Appropriate job titles, given the present context of a wide variety of different titles for similar roles

· Roles & responsibilities that should primarily be undertaken by behaviour-analytic practitioners

· Training & Continuing Professional Development required to acquire and maintain competence in this job role

· Appropriate pay scales for this job role

· Any other issues which participants deem pertinent

Views of practitioners will be gathered in two ways. Firstly, three focus groups with a maximum of 8 attendees will be conducted in Galway, Cork and Dublin. Secondly, the information gathered via focus groups will be explored further in a subsequent survey of those working in behaviour analysis in Ireland, to seek contributions from as many current practitioners as possible.

Information provided to the research team will be stored securely, and its use will comply with all relevant statutory and ethical requirements. Ethical approval for this study has been provided by The National University of Ireland Galway, Research Ethics Committee.

Please follow the link to register your interest https://goo.gl/forms/Gpo2G9DAvs9A0q3d2

AGM Agenda 2018

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on the 11th September at 6:30pm in the Chapel Gate Cafe, Ballincollig.  All are welcome including members and prospective members.   The AGM will be available online and you may attend online here.

Please note that you will need a google account to do this and this feature works best with the internet browser Chrome

Our agenda for the 2018 AGM

  1. Overview of organisational structures
  2. Formal amendments to the constitution
  3. Election of a new secretary by members
  4. Presentation of accounts
  5. Update on our current membership
  6. Proposed amendments to the training and events policy
  7. Plan for the coming year.  Including the status of the organisation, marketing and communications
  8. Any other business

If you have any other items, you would like added to the agenda, you can leave a comment below.

We hope to see you there!

AGM 11th September 2018

The Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum is a democratic organisation, owned and managed by our members. This year our 3rd Annual General Meeting will take place on the 11th September at 6:30 pm in the Chapel Gate Cafe, Times Sq. Ballincollig, Cork
The MBAF has three elected roles:
1) Chair
2) Secretary
3) Treasurer
This year Alan Tennyson will ask the membership to re-elect him as chair.  Similarly, Maureen Gleeson will seek re-election as treasurer.  However, Hazel O’Carroll will step down as secretary.  Thank you, Hazel!
Therefore we are seeking nominations for a new secretary.  Members of the forum may nominate themselves and ask another member to second their nomination.  If we receive more that one nomination, we will organise a secret ballot of members at the AGM.
We sincerely hope that you will consider putting yourself or someone else (with their consent) forward.  We rely on volunteers to support our efforts to disseminate behaviour analysis in Munster.   We will publish a complete agenda on social media closer to the date.
Warm Regards,
Maureen, Alan & Hazel

Positive Behaviour Support for Leaders of Irish Disability Services

The Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum is delighted to promote a series of CE events on the topic of Positive Behaviour Support.  Each event will carry 1.5 CEU’s and will be free to members of the MBAF.

This series of events is organised by Trasna Training Service; which is the Regional Positive Behaviour Support Service for children in Cork & Kerry.

For further info please contact trasnatraining@bocss.org

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PBS for managers

Symposium on contemporary findings in noncontingent reinforcement (NCR)

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The Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum will hold the first, in what we hope will become a series of symposia on contemporary topics in the behaviour analytic literature.  The event will attract 2.5 CEU and will be free to members of the forum.

The first of these events will be held on the 22 March at 6:30 pm in Limerick.

Attending participants are required to select two articles on the topic of NCR, published in the Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis (JABA) between 2016 / 2017 (listed below).  To find these articles, login into your BACB account and go to the resources tab.

From the beginning of 2016 to date (March 2018) five articles from JABA have investigated the use of NCR as a treatment for varying forms of challenging behaviour.

On signing up, participants will select 2 of the 5 identified articles from JABA.  Each participant will be asked to come prepared to provide a verbal report on the content of each of their selected articles and to answer questions from other participants.  Following this, a discussion on the topic of NCR will be facilitated/chaired by the identified facilitator.  The facilitator will ensure that each participant contributes to the discussion.  At a minimum the facilitator will prompt participants to discuss the following topics;

  1. What is NCR?
  2. How does NCR differ from DRO?
  3. Is NCR conceptually systematic, i.e. is it possible to have a response that is ‘noncontingent’?
  4. What is the ‘file drawer effect’ and how does it relate to this discussion of NCR?
  5. What are the common criticisms of NCR and have they been satisfactorily addressed in the present articles?


DeRosa, N., Roane, H., Bishop, J. and Silkowski, E. (2016). The combined effects of noncontingent reinforcement and punishment on the reduction of rumination. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 49(3), pp.680-685.

Fritz, J., Jackson, L., Stiefler, N., Wimberly, B. and Richardson, A. (2017). Noncontingent reinforcement without extinction plus differential reinforcement of alternative behaviour during treatment of problem behaviour. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 50(3), pp.590-599.

Phillips, C., Iannaccone, J., Rooker, G. and Hagopian, L. (2017). Noncontingent reinforcement for the treatment of severe problem behaviour: An analysis of 27 consecutive applications. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 50(2), pp.357-376.

Saini, V., Fisher, W. and Pisman, M. (2017). Persistence during and resurgence following noncontingent reinforcement implemented with and without extinction. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 50(2), pp.377-392.

Saini, V., Greer, B., Fisher, W., Lichtblau, K., DeSouza, A. and Mitteer, D. (2016). Individual and combined effects of noncontingent reinforcement and response blocking on automatically reinforced problem behaviour. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 49(3), pp.693-698.

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Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum

ACE cont-ed-providerThe Munster Behaviour Analyst’s Forum was founded in September 2015. The Forum aims to support the development of Applied Behaviour Analysis in Munster and nationally.  The Forum is a continuing education provider approved by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

The Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum is a cooperative group of behaviour analysts (BCBA’s) working in Munster, Ireland.  It is open to all BCBA’s, BCBA-D’s, BCaBA’s, RBT’s and individuals pursuing certification and currently receiving supervision from a BCBA or BCBA-D.

The forum aims to;

  • Promote events (training events, conferences, workshops etc) which disseminate applied behavioural analysis and behavioural science in the public interest.
  • Provide continuing education for Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA) and associated professions.

Find us on Facebook at Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum