Evaluating the utility of interview informed contingent analysis in the treatment of problem behaviour

On the 16th November at 7pm we will be joined by Emma Lundy BCBA. Emma will give us an overview of her recently published paper on the topic of interview informed synthesized contingent analysis in informing the treatment of problem or challenging behaviour.

Many of us have been following, with interest, the developing debate on methods of functional assessment and contingency analysis. Emma and her colleague’s paper makes a valuable contribution to this debate.

The Behaviour Observations podcast, have hosted a number of episodes on Practical Functional Assessment (link here) and interview informed contingency analysis (link here).

The abstract can be found here.

This will be a recorded event and one free CEU will be available.

You can register for this event here.

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Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum

The Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum exists to disseminate evidence-based and scientifically rigorous solutions to our shared human concerns. We promote behavioural science embedded in core principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis, including human rights, the centrality of human dignity and the abolition of coercion in the social contract.

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