Behaviour Analysts Speaking Publicly

Training Public Speaking Behaviour: How to engage your audience when communicating ABA.

On the 22nd April at 8 to 9pm the Community of BCBAs Northern Ireland will host Guy Poland BCBA who will present an online CEU event on the topic of Public Speaking. See the Community of BCBAs Facebook page for details.

This event online is for those interested in improving their public speaking skills in order to disseminate applied behaviour analysis. The content includes managing anxiety and avoidance of public speaking behaviours, how to structure the speech and presentation, design tips for visual prompts, setting up the environment to promote reinforcement, and motivation for public speaking.

Published by

Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum

The Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum exists to disseminate evidence-based and scientifically rigorous solutions to our shared human concerns. We promote behavioural science embedded in core principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis, including human rights, the centrality of human dignity and the abolition of coercion in the social contract.

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