The Spirit and Aim of an Applied Science

On Tuesday 19th Jan at 7 pm Dr Malika Prichett will join us to discuss her forthcoming paper entitled, ‘The Spirit and Aim of an Applied Science. Social Justice is the Spirit and Aim of an Applied Science of Human Behavior: Moving from Colonial to Participatory Research Practices‘. Which is due to be published in a special issue of Behaviour Analysis in Practice 

Dr Prichett and her colleague’s paper is a remarkable contribution to our profession’s discussion of its role as applied science. It confronts where our science has failed those to whom it is applied and in so doing has drifted from its original egalitarian aims. Dr Prichett’s paper challenges the reader to reconnect with the spirit and aim of our applied science. 

Dr Prichett’s message is particularly timely and vital for Irish Behaviour Analysts. In March 2018 Ireland ratified the United Nations Convention of Human Rights for people with disabilities. The ratification of the UNCRPD will mean that the rights of people with disabilities will no longer be the paternalistic aspirations of those who support them. Our discipline must confront the opportunities this presents.

Please click here to register. Attendance and one ethics CEU is free to members. Attendance is free for non-members, and one ethics CEU is €5.

Hope you can make it! Alan Secretary MBAF

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