Behaviour analytic interventions delivered via Telehealth

The Community of BCBA’s Invites you to an event with Emma Craig, BCBA PhD Candidate on examining the effectiveness of behaviour analytic interventions delivered via Telehealth in training professionals working with children with autism spectrum disorder. One CEU (continuing education unit) is available with this event. This event is free

Join us on zoom on Monday 16th November, 8-9pm. Meeting ID: 810 3877 7014, password: 103457.

Emma Craig is coming towards the end of her PhD under the supervision of Dr Katerina Dounavi, BCBA-D at Queen’s University Belfast. Emma will be presenting her PhD research, ‘Examining the Effectiveness of Behaviour Analytic Interventions via Telehealth in Training Professionals Working with Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder’. During the presentation, attendees will be guided through the results of a systematic literature review examing telehealth as a model for delivering behaviour analytic interventions to individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Secondly, attendees will be informed of the methodology employed to train professionals teaching functional living skills to individuals with autism to teach functional living skills. Results will be discussed. Additionally, a further study on the effectiveness of conducting functional analyses and functional communication training via telehealth will be discussed. Recommendations for clinical practice will be made. One FREE CEU is available for attending this event.

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Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum

The Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum exists to disseminate evidence-based and scientifically rigorous solutions to our shared human concerns. We promote behavioural science embedded in core principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis, including human rights, the centrality of human dignity and the abolition of coercion in the social contract.

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