A consultation process for those working in behaviour analytic roles in the Republic of Ireland

research callThe Psychological Society of Ireland’s Division of Behaviour Analysis (DBA) aims to promote the development of Behaviour Analysis as a professional field of psychological activity. As part of this remit, DBA are inviting behaviour-analytic practitioners to take part in consultations that will shape DBA’s position in seeking professional recognition and a protected title for behaviour-analytic practitioners in the Republic of Ireland.

Are you currently employed in a role requiring you to have training in Applied Behaviour Analysis? Does your day-to-day work involve designing, consulting on or supervising behaviour change procedures? If so, DBA would like to invite you to take part in our research with colleagues in similar positions.

The DBA seeks to canvas the views of relevant practitioners regarding:

· Appropriate job titles, given the present context of a wide variety of different titles for similar roles

· Roles & responsibilities that should primarily be undertaken by behaviour-analytic practitioners

· Training & Continuing Professional Development required to acquire and maintain competence in this job role

· Appropriate pay scales for this job role

· Any other issues which participants deem pertinent

Views of practitioners will be gathered in two ways. Firstly, three focus groups with a maximum of 8 attendees will be conducted in Galway, Cork and Dublin. Secondly, the information gathered via focus groups will be explored further in a subsequent survey of those working in behaviour analysis in Ireland, to seek contributions from as many current practitioners as possible.

Information provided to the research team will be stored securely, and its use will comply with all relevant statutory and ethical requirements. Ethical approval for this study has been provided by The National University of Ireland Galway, Research Ethics Committee.

Please follow the link to register your interest https://goo.gl/forms/Gpo2G9DAvs9A0q3d2

Published by

Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum

The Munster Behaviour Analyst Forum exists to disseminate evidence-based and scientifically rigorous solutions to our shared human concerns. We promote behavioural science embedded in core principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis, including human rights, the centrality of human dignity and the abolition of coercion in the social contract.

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